Tournament Auction Information & Items


2018 Auction Bidding Procedures

We encourage friendly, competitive bidding and we appreciate your discretion and sense of fair play.


We accept cash and checks payable to “Kickin’ It Challenge”.   We also accept credit card payments for all purchases over $25.  

Basket Auction will close at 4PM on Saturday.  Items must be paid by 5 P.M. Saturday, June 18th  at Ryan Park.   Items must be picked up no later Sunday at 3 P.M.   If not paid for or picked up by this time, items will be awarded to the next highest bidder. 

Tournament Auction will close at 1PM on Sunday.  Tournaments must be paid by 5 P.M. Sunday, June 19th  at Ryan Park.   Tournaments not paid for by Sunday at 5 P.M will be awarded to the next highest bidder.   



To Place a Bid:  CLEARLY print your name and phone number on the Bid Sheet in the starting bid space or the line following the highest current bid for the item you wish to bid on.   Keep on eye on your bid to insure you are the top bidder!

  • All new bids must be higher than the previous bid by at least the minimum increment as indicated at the top of the Bid Sheet.   If minimum increment is not followed, bid will not be valid.  
  • A bid is construed 1s a legal agreement to purchase the listed item at the amount indicated.  All bidders must be 18 years of age or above.
  • All winning bids must be settled prior to the end of Check Out. 
  • If you wish to look more closely at an item, please ask for assistance from an auction volunteer.  Please do not open baskets or packages.
  • Restrictions and expiration do apply on auction items.  Auction Item Descriptions and Gift Certificates details should be reviewed carefully.  

Buy Out Now Bids:   You may secure a winning bid for selected Silent Auction Items by bidding the Buy It Now Value of the item as per the Bid Sheet.  The “Buy It Now” option is not available for all items.  

After the Auction closes please do not remove or relocate auction items.



  1. If you are the winning bidder of any items, you will be notified by phone after the closing of the Auction.   Check-out will begin 30 minutes after the Auction closes.  Items must be picked up as outlined above. 
  2.  If you would like a receipt for donations not associated with Auction they can be mailed to you within a month following the auction.  Please make your request for a receipt at the time of your donation.  


Accuracy of Description

All auction item descriptions are based on information provided by the donor. We made every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information. However, buyer cannot hold Kickin’ It Challenge or its Committee Members responsible for the accuracy of the information or for the quality of services or merchandise delivered. All contractual and legal agreements concerning items auctioned are entirely between the buyer and the provider of the services or merchandise.


Charitable Income Tax Deductions

Please consult with your tax advisor as to the deductibility of auction items. Value as stated in the auction program or on your receipt is supplied either by donor or by the Auction Committee. Each item is sold “as is” without any warranty (expressed or implied), and without representation by as to the actual value of the item.


This year's basket auction items coming soon...

Basket Auction will close at 4PM on Saturday.  Items must be paid by 5 P.M. Saturday, June 16th  at Ryan Park.   Items must be picked up no later Sunday at 3 P.M.   If not paid for or picked up by this time, items will be awarded to the next highest bidder.